Strategic Plan

To increase business development and growth via procurement, capital access and international trade.

Planned Activity #1

Secure partnerships with committed corporations and ensure compliance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act at federal, state and local governments and also with prime contractors.

Constraints: Old existing formats for outreach at corporate level. An atmosphere of noncompliance at the government level. Downsizing and a lack of attention by upper management.

Solutions: Create useable website directories for e-commerce and recruiting. Organize and host President Club receptions around the nation. Local market analysis to identify direct opportunities for affiliated chapters (follow up important). Also, to secure partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding with federal agencies, US Chamber of Commerce and other organizations or institutions of mutual interest.

Planned Activity #2
Opening the doors to capital access. Constraints: Un-readiness or inexperience to pursue new markets by the banking establishment. A lack of knowledge about the existing programs by Black business owners. Solutions: Marketing viable bank products to the ignored community. Using our website to broadcast information about the outreach programs. Agreements with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the US Department of Agriculture concerning the, promotion of their special programs.

Planned Activity #3
Create initiatives and programs with our foreign counterparts. Constraints: No present ties or communications have been established. Prohibitive costs of travel to foreign sites. Solutions: Establish links on our website to foreign counterparts, Package affordable trade missions to target locations. Establish a "one stop" trade office at the NBCC National Office for technical assistance and information about international trade.

GOAL 2 - To provide entities to fund and guide our programs.

Planned Activity #1 Annual Convention. Constraints: Tight and decreasing budgets of potential sponsors. Lack of recognizing importance of event by affiliated chapters and direct members. Solutions: Early marketing and presentations to all potential sponsors. Promote and ensure maximum attendance by affiliated chapters and direct members.

Planned Activity #2 Specify and market membership levels. Constraints: Confusion as to applicable membership level. Lack of knowledge concerning membership benefit for each level. Solutions: Detailed explanation of levels and properly market the benefits. Usage of website for broadcast marketing. Levels to include President Club, Small Business, Corporation, Affiliate, Corporate Advisory Council, and Nonprofit Association.

Planned Activity #3 Secure monitoring and recruiting project agreements (i.e. stadiums, airports, and major institutions). Constraints: Local political opposition. Ignorance to the need or benefit. Inability of local affiliate to perform. Solution: Local affiliate encouragement and awareness of benefits - higher minority business and labor participation. Technical support from National Office to assist in performance of agreements.

GOAL 3 - Educate and train the masses on Black business development and our purpose to benefit society.

Planned Activity #1 Provide outreach to Black organizations and the communities per se. Constraints: Lack of understanding capitalism in Black communities. Too much reliance on social improvements and political action. Solutions: Proper use of website. Direct contact with Black organizations. Fully establish Collegiate Chapter network and implement the BBX program.

Planned Activity #2 Market the NBCC through the Media (editorials, radio, TV, press releases, newsletters). Constraints: Mainstream media does not equate Black business issues with regular business. Black media doesn't thoroughly understand the importance of capitalism. Solution: Exploit Black media access to the point of mainstream attention and then drive both mediums. Local and regional conferences of related organizations and local affiliates. Produce CD's of speeches by board members and videotapes for distribution to public radio and television.

GOAL 4 - Provide technical support to affiliated chapters.

Planned Activity #1 Give assistance in tailoring local Strategic Plans. Constraint: Chapters not convinced of the value of a Strategic Plan. Solution: Note successes of chapters who take advantage of a Strategic Plan. Show the success of the National Office.

Planned Activity #2 Monitoring and enforcement of model projects. Constraint: Lack of recognition of the acclaimed models. Solution: Direct involvement by National Office. Illustrating the successes of models by other affiliated chapters.

Planned Activity #3 Assist affiliated chapters in website readiness. Constraint: Timidity towards high tech activities. Solution: Provide selected pro - bono, services. Set up links between all affiliated chapters and the National Office

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