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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a need for a National Black Chamber of Commerce?

There was no voice representing the specific needs or addressing the specific issues of the African American entrepreneur. There was no entity encouraging straight up interaction and trade in the Black Diaspora. Since the founding of the NBCC there has been over 4 billion dollars in contracts let to Black businesses because of the efforts of the NBCC. Legislation, policy, corporate commitment and total advocacy on behalf of black business are now in place. The amount of small business loans given to Black entrepreneurs on an annual basis has tripled.

How do I become a NBCC member?

Click here for General Membership Form

What are the benefits of NBCC Membership?

Member Benefits here

How do I start a NBCC chapter?

Please follow the steps below (in order of importance):

  • Join the NBCC as an Chapter Member        
  • Fill out the IRS SS-4 application, call it in, and receive your federal tax ID number         
  • Incorporate as a nonprofit corporation in your applicable state         
  • Receive membership certificate from the NBCC        
  • Write and adopt your by-laws (using the NBCC generic guidelines)        
  • Apply for IRS 501©3 status        
  • Develop local strategic plan with compatibility to the National plan         
  • Implement your programs

I'm a member of my local chamber of commerce. Does that automatically make me a member of the National Black Chamber?

No, the National Black Chamber of Commerce is not a parent organization of the state and local chambers. You will need to apply for a separate membership in the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

What's the difference between the National Black Chamber of Commerce and my state or local chamber?

Local and state chambers emulate the National Black Chamber of Commerce. The National Black Chamber of Commerce focuses on federal issues while state chambers focus on state issues and local chambers focus on local issues.

Can I get a list of NBCC members?

The National Black Chamber of Commerce does not distribute information about our members to protect their privacy.

What kinds of organizations join the National Black Chamber of Commerce?

Businesses of every size and industry, state and local chambers of commerce, and trade and professional associations are National Black Chamber of Commerce members.

Will you send me information on visiting or living in Washington, DC?

The National Black Chamber of Commerce does not provide tourism or relocation information. For information on visiting Washington, DC Click here

Can you provide statistics on buying power, data on expenditure category and disposable personal income?

Please check with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Selig Center at the University of Georgia for buying power statistics on all races.