Progress Report August 25, 2017

1. Hurricane Supreme:  Hurricane Harvey is steaming towards the Southeast Texas coast.  This deluge will bring more than 36 inches of rain and will hover over the area for a few days before heading towards southern Louisiana.  Our members and chapters should take serious heed and move north (at least to the Dallas area).  Our prayers are with the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, St. Charles Black Chamber of Commerce, Greater Southwest Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce, Regional Black Chamber of Commerce of New Orleans, Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce.  This is going to rival Katrina and like Katrina, the NBCC will be there to do all we can do to help in the rebuilding.  There is a God and we will get through this.

2.  Cannabis Industry and Institutional Discrimination:  The upstart legal marijuana business is turning into a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Black entrepreneurs have been aggressive in joining this new frontier.  However, state agencies are not as excited about Black participation.  Here is an example of what is going on.  Maryland, 31% Black, has demonstrated a Jim Crow process in granting licenses to Black entrepreneurs.  Read this sad story.

3.  Victory in Mississippi:  The voting process has been completed.  Workers at the Canton, Mississippi Nissan plant have voted 3 – 1 against merging with the United Auto Workers Union – UAW.  They were wise enough not to go down that sleazy road that leads to work disruption, profit losses and possibly downsizing or plant closing.  It is the new era void of the horrors of the past.  The UAW is a “Dinosaur”.  Let’s keep marching forward.  Here is a piece written by our Chairman, JR Jones, about the victory.

4.  War against Racist Construction Unions:  Discrimination in the construction industry was supposed to have officially ended in 1967 with former NBCC Chairman Arthur A. Fletcher’s issuance of the Renewed Philadelphia Plan with blessing from President Richard Nixon.  Well, it has yet to be realized.  After the selling out by various national Black civil rights organizations we have dismal unemployment figures to attest to the failure.  The NBCC is going to take the resolve to bust up this aura of corruption/discrimination that plagues the nation.  Read more.

5.  Political Fervor in Illinois:  The recent annual conference for the Illinois State Black Chamber of Commerce was quite impressive.  We enjoyed listening to democratic candidates plead with the participants about what they are going to do for Black business in the state of Illinois.  In contrast, Republican Governor Rauner simply stated, “I told you last year what I was 

going to do for Black entrepreneurs.  I am proud to report I did it!”  His accomplishments are evident and cannot be denied.

6.  Black Business involvement in Major Projects:  We will present a webinar on the “Construction of the African American Museum of Culture and History” on September 25 at 1pm.  Stay tuned for details.  We hope a similar success story will come from the upcoming President Obama Center to be constructed in the Southside of Chicago.  Here are two articles I have written on the project that is soon to start.   Here and here.