Progress Report August 2, 2017

1.  It was a Great Conference: We have begun what we call the "Big Pivot". We made changes to our format, we stopped giving all our money to a hotel (although we slept in a Black owned hotel) and instead hired Black owned vendors and caterers. Shout out to Reese's Catering which provided the steamed rice, curry chicken and Cuban sandwiches.  NeatMeatDC Food truck brought a variety of delicious sloppy joe's.   Ben's Chili Bowl served up delicious half smokes.  Ben's Upstairs provided a southern breakfast. In3 incubator served as our meeting venue. We brought in the young tech start-ups for a pitch showcase. And our panelists were from the global venture capital world and domestic investors.  Donna M. Cooper, president of PEPCO and Marla Blow, founder of FS Card honored us with their motivating remarks. We also had the opportunity of visiting the White House where we discussed our Sixteen Steps to Minority Business Development plan. We are to meet every six months on the update of it.  We focused on presenting the best in content, and advancing the newest ideas. Stay tuned for more of the "Big Pivot". 
2.  Dell is our Partner: "We are delighted to partner with the National Black Chamber of Commerce to offer our  to its members. NBCC members can now receive healthy discounts on Dell's vast range of technology products, including our Award Winning World's #1 Monitor Brand and PC Magazine's Editors' Choice Award Winner and the smallest 13-inch laptop on the market, the sleek and stylish XPS 13," said Mobolaji Sokunbi, head of strategic partnerships, North America Small Business with Dell. "I firmly believe that NBCC's growing and active member base will receive  from this engagement, and can in turn get more done in their daily lives by repurposing the savings earned through ."
3. Working within the African Diaspora:  We will be working through our mission in various nations during the next few months.  Such as Ghana (Keynote Address and a Trade Mission later), Cuba (Fact Finding and then a Trade Mission with Cuba Chamber of Commerce later), Workforce Development Project in Columbia.
4.  Tracking Down my Roots:  Nigeria is the biggest contributor to my DNA (23%).  I have tracked down the principal Slave Port of that nation during the mass Holocaust.  Here it is - the place some of my people departed for their journey to "Hell". 
5. Giving Back in JAX:  Our Jacksonville Black Chamber of Commerce is giving away 500 backpacks and school supplies to children in the area.  It's a "Back to School" celebration.
6. Helping our Partner in Mississippi:  The UAW is trying to taint the daily affairs of our partner, auto giant Nissan.  Our Mississippi Black Chamber of Commerce and the national office are jumping into the "fray".  Here are three articles concerning the matter (one) (two) and (three).
7. White House is accepting Interns:  The White House is accepting applications for upcoming internships (Spring 2018).  If interested, please respond NOW.
8. Wanted - An Executive Director:  The National Association of Black Journalists are searching for a new Executive Director.  The position is based on the campus of the University of Maryland (College Park).  All potential candidates should respond here.