Progress Report May 25, 2017

1. Office of Personnel Management:  Attention!! This federal agency is looking for MBE's vigorously.  Their upcoming workshop will be held on June 12 with free registration.  You should respond to this fantastic opportunity immediately as the RSVP closes tomorrow.  This is no "jive".  OPM and the NBCC are forming a real deal partnership that will zero in on our members and the apparently overlooked contracting opportunities for HBCU's and MBE's along with the NBCC federation.

2.  For our West Coast Crew:  The East Bay Utilities District (Oakland, CA) will be hosting their 2nd Annual Contracts and Procurement Opportunities Workshop and Trade Fair.  Consider traveling to the Bay and take advantage of this annual event.

3.  Boston has found the Way:  This city has been a "thorn" in the side of diversity activists.  It is refreshing to see that Mayor Walsh has stepped up and emulated the leadership of a few other cities like Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, and a few other American hubs.  This is how you add diversity to the workforce and positively affect interaction among all construction and A/E firms.   It is great for the city!  If Boston did it so can your city.

4.  Port of Oakland looking for a Sole Source Supplier:  This progressive port system is looking for a company that can supply their Printing and Paper supplies.  Whoever wins this is going to be "fat" for a while.  Go for it!

5.  Our President shines in the Middle East: "The Truth Shall set you Free".  President Trump addressed over 50 Muslim nations and won fantastic applause.  This group has never been so motivated by an American President before.  This is an historical moment for the sake of peace - not to mention the courage it took.  Here is his full speech.

6.  About our 25th Conference: Many of you have contacted us about how anxious you are to learn about our Silver Anniversary Event: Investing In America's Diversity. This year we are going to do things that are revolutionary in the conference arena.  First, we may have alternating venues that are Black owned.  No more stale motels that charge $60 - $80 for a plate of fattening and highly caloric food.  Whatever your physique or figure is when you arrive it will be the same when you are ready to return home.  How about having some down home cuisine like that of world famous Ben's Chili Bowl?  Let's have dynamic keynote speakers that are known to the world.  We will cut deals for our participants with various hotels/motels which will significantly beat the "Rack Rate".  From a low tier venue (expect to pay about $199 per night) with free breakfast and free Wi-Fi to one for "Ballers" like the Trump Tower.  All sleeping venues will be within walking distance of the conference sites.

You will personally meet our new Chairperson who will be elected during the Conference.  Each participant will enter a raffle for a free roundtrip airline ticket to Cuba.  Of course, there will be chamber members from the entire African Diaspora to network with.  To say we are international is an understatement.  We are now engaged in the United Nations "Micro, Small and Medium Size Business Committee".

We will give you a little more week by week until we are thirty days out from the event, July 26 - 29, 2017.  You are going to see Washington, DC like never before!