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Beyond The Rhetoric

Consider Expanding Your Business to New Orleans

It seems like a decade but it has only been 13 months since the major disaster known as Hurricane Katrina and the failed rescue thereafter.  The City of New Orleans looked like a bombed out German city after World War II.  But it wasn’t a piece of history or a victim of a world war.  It was an American city that experienced the biggest administrative blunder and mismanagement in the history of this great nation.  Decades of malfeasance in the levee system and a new Homeland Security Agency that was pitiful.

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Prince Georges County, MD

There is certainly a correlation between race and economics when it comes to communities within the United States.  A moderate working class white community will change into an upper middle class Black community.  It will be prestigious for a while and then it will be targeted by bad policy and over the years erosion starts to sit in and then crime invades its core.  The crime gets so bad that property values start declining and the quality of life becomes pitiful.  In a few decades you have what is known as a “golden ghetto”.  The final act is drug infestation. Why does this happen?

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Bubba is Now an Eskimo

For each and every program designed to implement Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, there are attempts to front or commit fraud and abuse of such programs.  Usually a front operation has a Black acting as if he has majority ownership and management when the real operators are behind the scenes and very much Caucasian.  Most of this activity happens at the local level as the penalties for committing federal fraud are certain and hard.  3-5 years in federal prison is not out of the ordinary.

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U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

The US Commission on Civil Rights was established along with the US Civil Rights Act of 1957.  It was enhanced by the Commission on Civil Rights Act of 1983.  It is to receive and analyze complaints and to provide studies and advice to the President of the United States.  It cannot enforce anything but the body can advise and provide input in regards to the civil rights of American citizens.
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If We Really Love Africa, Let

A few years ago former US Congressman J.C. Watts sent out a flyer that he was embarking on a trade mission to Africa and solicited participants.  It sounded interesting to me so I registered for the trip.  Shortly thereafter his Chief of Staff called me and asked if I could go as an individual, not as a principal of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  In addition to charging a fee that was twice the actual cost (so that participants could pay for their own way plus that of the government employees) they wanted us to go as neutrals - without portfolio or mission.  I told him I was insulted and now realize it was all about his boss "profiling" instead of doing something for Africa.  "Good bye and never mind".

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