New Chamber Intake Analysis


  1. Your name, contact information and Bio.
  2. What is the Selected Marketing Area (SMA) you are interested in starting a chapter of the NBCC.
  3. Provide demographics (Census Bureau), race specific, about business and economics of your SMA.
  4. What current chambers exist within your SMA?
  5. Please provide at least three references and/or letters of introduction concerning your intent of starting a chapter of the NBCC.
  6. What has been your latest entrepreneurial endeavor?
  7. Do you have military experience?  If so, please explain in detail.
  8. What is your time table (milestones) for starting a viable chapter of the NBCC?
  9. Are there chapters of the NBCC located elsewhere within your state?
  10. Are you an officer in any other association at this time?