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National Black Chamber of Commerce Press Conference:

Union Issues and the Federal Government: A Challenge to Entrepreneurship

National Press Club

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009



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Press Release:

Black Associations Concerned About Unions Influencing Federal Contracts


(Dateline: Washington, DC)  Business leaders, entrepreneurs and activists are having a working luncheon

today at the National Press Club, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC  20045 during 12:00PM – 1:30PM

to discuss the threatening trends developing towards federal contracting.  Union incentive programs such

as Project Labor Agreements, Card Check (AKA Free Choice) and various Executive Orders which slant the

playing field towards union shops versus small entrepreneurial operations will be discussed.  Strategies to

fight against such activity will be formulated.


“What is coming out of

Washington, DC is the message that my company should close down and move over”,

Washington, DC is the message that my company should close down and move over”,


says Mike Little, Chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. 

“I have worked too hard to close it all up now.”


There will be interchange and question and answer portions to this luncheon and the press is invited.  “This is the beginning of

some friendly debate and significant arguments that will last for the next few years”, says Harry C. Alford, President/CEO of the

National Black Chamber of Commerce.  “We have the stats and demographics that show construction unions have hurt Black

and minority communities through discriminating hiring practices and bidding activity.  Show me a strong union town and I will

show you a place with high inner city unemployment.  It just doesn’t happen.  There are reasons and this is a big one.”


Speakers will include representatives of the Independent Women’s Forum, National Association of Minority Contractors,
National Black Chamber of Commerce, Ulman Public Policy and Federal Relations and Business CEO’s.