Cuba Trade Mission

Cuba trade mission

April 26 – April 30, 2017

Join the National Black Chamber of Commerce on this unique opportunity to discover the many "Faces of Cuba".
Experience a unique social system, government and culture! Meet with entrepreneurs, economists, educators and everyday people while enjoying art, music, history and all that Cuba has to offer. This is a draft itinerary; subject to change.
Please register here The registration for the trip is $450.00 per person.
Fly into Havana, using an American carrier makes the experience very simple. Southwest, Jet Blue, Delta etc. fly into Havana. Delta has a direct flight from Atlanta to Havana. Other airlines may fly into FLL or MIA to connect to Havana. FLL is smaller and easier than MIA.
Your airline will supply you with your visa and your health insurance that is required by Cuban law.
When you arrive at the Jose Marti International Airport (HAV) slow your pace. It takes a while to receive your luggage.  Get some local currency at the airport-you will need it to pay the cab driver. You can also exchange at hotels. We do not provide airport transportation. Cabs are available at the airport. Hailing a cab at your hotel or at the airport is less expensive for airport transportation but if you would like to prepay with credit card before you leave the US, here are some options:
Also, have one way pre-payment options here for pickup:
The base hotel is Ambos Mundos in Old Habana. Hotel Ambos Mundos is a historical hotel in Old Havana with a nice top roof bar. In every corner of the hotel you can see the tracks of Ernest Hemingway who lived in this hotel between 1932 & 1939 as his first residence in Cuba. $200 per night for 1 person including breakfast. $230 per night for 2 people including breakfast. You may reserve this hotel by contacting Julian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can stay wherever you want: hotel or etc., (must be recognized by the Cuban government as an official residence). Stay in the in the Old Habana or Vedado area to be near base hotel.
Your hotel will likely include breakfast. We do not provide any meals.
Evenings are on your own, see below for suggestions. What has occurred on past trips is that informal groups are formed and plans made jointly for dinner.
You will be on a cash basis. No credit cards issued by American banks are accepted.
AT & T and Verizon phones operate in Havana. You can access email at hotels for a fee of about $10 per hour.
Day 1
Wednesday, April 26
  • Check into Lodging
  • More info as flight arrivals are determined
  • We will meet informally in the evening
Day 2
Thursday, April 27
  • Breakfast on your own.
  • Tour as a group
  • Lunch With Locals
  • Visit & Shop at The City Market of Havana
  • Meetings
  • Old Havana Walking Tour
  • Reception Briefing at US Ambassador to Cuba Residence 6pm (must be registered by 4/17/17)
Day 3
Friday, April 28
  • Breakfast on your own.
  • Tour as a group
  • Meetings
  • Meet owners of micro-businesses such as jewelry, casa particulars (private homes for rent), paladares (private restaurants) and a school.

  • Young Cuban Entrpreneur American Embassy (12:30 - 2:30)
  • Tours of landmarks
  • Cigar and Rum Tour
  • Shopping at the flea market
                   Day 4, Saturday, April 29
Today is informal
We will form groups as per interest and explore/meet accordingly.
Day 5, Sunday April 30
Say adios and prepare for departure!
 Optional Evening Activities
*** Trip itineraries are subject to change due to factors outside of our control.***